Silicon Valley: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Techbro Manarchist. It's mission: to boldly go where every cisheteronormative patriarchal racist trashheap has gone before.

Remember when the web was this utopian dream? When there was this feeling that anything was possible on the net, even a better future? Yeah, right. Maybe a handful of very privileged folx, mostly cishet white dudes. But this whole phenomenon has been broken since the very beginning. Since before the beginning! The tech industry, higher education (ESPECIALLY STEM), hacker culture, they've all been full of garbage since the outset.

Oh sure, there's some rad folx, some cool projects. It's not EXCLUSIVELY bad. But there's still so much sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and on and on. It sucks! If I hear another rape-denialist knob prattle on about how LeetHackerDude was framed by the FBI or CIA whatever, or about how making an active effort to include more black people is ReVeRsE rAcIsM, I'll cut his fucking dick off. GAG. Fuck that! Burn it to the ground! Punch nazi "trolls"! Stomp a TERF! Kill your local rapist!

But if all you do is SMASH SMASH SMASH what's left? We still want our utopian future, damnit! What we've got to do is: BUILD BUILD BUILD! Build the new software that empowers marginalized folx to counter the forces of oppression! Build the tools that help us connect and collaborate without Jack censoring us while he gives literal nazis a free pass! Build the social systems that will get us to a brighter future!

That's what Queerious Labs is here to do. We're trying our damndest to build a radical new hackersp--er, wait, no, that has shit connotations--art and technology focused creative space and community workshop, with a whole new mode of social organization. We want to encourage people to learn, create, teach, collaborate (and smash!), in a context that can thrive without competitive jerks, confrotational dudes, and edgy (more like cryptofascist!) bullshit.

So come hang out and REALLY hack the planet!

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